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About Me

I'm a 34 year old man who has struggled with CFS since the age of 9. I was bed-bound in my teens, and had to use wheelchairs for 2 years of my life. I'm privileged to have both British and Indian parentage. I'm proud of my working class routes, and where I'm from. I know what it means to face adversity - I've dealt with physical and verbal abuse from bullies who chastised me for wanting to perform. When people see me on paper, I would imagine that I don't scream "character actor". The thing is, being anything other than myself is where I feel most comfortable. I love seeing the shock on people's faces, when they no longer see me as this calm and collected individual, but an out there and proud actor.

Redroofs Theatre School

In 2004 I won a scholarship to attend Redroofs, where I honed my craft.


I appeared as series regular Thorne in Splatalot, a long-running BBC/ABC3/YTV Canada series for the Disney Channel that aired in 100 countries and won multiple screen awards.

Film Award Nomination

In 2015 my work on the feature film My Lonely Me earned me a nomination for “Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film” at the World Music & Independent Film Festival.
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Voice Acting

"Bright, confident and dynamic. Originally from the North-East, Elliott's voice is youthful, light and incredibly versatile. Great energy with a HUGE bank of character voices & accents that have to be heard to be believed! A regular in 'Splatalot' as the brooding Defender Thorne, Elliott is no stranger to immersing himself into the characters he plays."  - 


Home Studio

  • Windows PC

  • Rode NT1

  • Sound Dampened Recording Space

  • Reaper Audio


Get In Touch

I'd love to hear from you!

If you have a project or a proposal, please direct all enquires to:

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